About the Maltese Temperament

Are you interested in learning about the Maltese temperament?  Well you’ve come to the right place!  So keep reading to learn more!About the Maltese Temperament

The Maltese has a wonderful temperament, which is why they are such popular choice of pet.  Below are just some of the aspects of this Maltese temperament:

  • Easy-Going Nature

    One of the best things about the Maltese temperament is their easy-going nature.  They are quite laid back which makes them a fantastic choice of pet for singles and families alike.

  • Active

    The Maltese is one very active little dog.  They are quite happy to run around your house or your backyard.  Although they do self-exercise, it is still important that you take your Maltese outside for daily walks.  Not only is this a great way for you to bond with your Maltese but it is also a great way for your pet to socialize with other people and animals.  As a side note, when out and about with your Maltese it is a good idea to keep them on a leash as this will keep them safe from harm.

  • Playful

    Playfulness is one of the fun aspects of the Maltese temperament.  This breed loves to play fun games with their owners.  Due to this playful nature, it’s a good idea to take some time each day to play with your Maltese such as playing a fun game of fetch.  Playing games with your Maltese is yet another way to again bond with your pet.

  • Sensitive

    One aspect of the Maltese temperament is sensitivity.  Due to this it’s important to remain calm and collected when training a Maltese, as this bread does not respond well to harsh training methods such as hitting or yelling.

  • The Maltese be Confident

    It’s important to socialize your Maltese right from when they’re a puppy.  If you do this then your pet should grow up with a very confident temperament.  The best way to socialize your Maltese is by taking them out and about where there are lots of other people and animals.  For example you could take them on walks around your neighborhood or even to a dog park.  If you do not socialize your Maltese and instead treat them like a little baby then they can become hard to manage.

  • Intelligent

    The Maltese breed is very intelligent.  This is fantastic as it makes the breed a little easier to train.  Due to this intelligence the Maltese is also very good at learning tricks and they often do well at agility.

  • Very loyal

    One of the best parts of the Maltese temperament is their loyalty.  The breed becomes very attached to their owners and due to this they make a perfect companion.

From the above you can see that the Maltese has a wonderful and loving temperament.  In fact, they would make the perfect addition to any family.  So if you are thinking about adding a Maltese to your family then you’re on track to making a fantastic decision!

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