How to Stop Maltese Aggression

Maltese aggression is a very seriously problem and one not to be taken lightly.  In fact, you should take steps to get it under control as soon as possible before your Maltese ends up hurting someone.

Different Types of Maltese Aggression

How to Stop Maltese AggressionThe following are just some of the different forms of Maltese aggression that should not be tolerated:

  • Growling: If you’re Maltese puppy growls when playing then this is okay as it is a natural behavior.  However, if your Maltese starts to growl when you go near their food bowl or when you try and take a toy away from them, then this is not acceptable behavior.
  • Jumping: Your Maltese may jump as form of showing their dominance.  Although jumping is not as serious as biting or growling, it should still not be tolerated.
  • Biting: Biting is one of the more serious forms of Maltese aggression.  If your Maltese is biting then you need to take steps to stop it as soon as possible before your Maltese hurts somebody.

Stopping Maltese Aggression

No matter what type of aggression your Maltese has, it needs to be controlled before they hurt somebody.  The following tips and advice will help you in doing just that:

  • Leadership: Your Maltese needs a clear alpha leader.  Without one they may try and become the alpha leader themselves and one of the ways they might do this is by acting out aggressively.  Instead, you need to become the alpha leader.  If you do this then your Maltese will be more likely to listen to you and will be less likely to act out aggressively.
  • Consistency: It’s so important to be consistent and start as you mean to go on.  For example if you let your Maltese act aggressively as a puppy but then not allow it as they get older, then this can be really confusing for your pet.  So start out with a set rule that no aggressive behavior is to be tolerated and stick to this.
  • Socialization: If your Maltese is not socialized property then they may out aggressively when near strangers or strange animals.  Therefore try and socialize your Maltese as much as possible, right from the puppy stage so that this does not happen.
  • Don’t Encourage Aggression: If you’re Maltese starts acting aggressively, then it’s vital that you don’t act aggressively back.  This can just further encourage Maltese aggression.  Instead be calm yet firm.
  • Control your Emotions: Most dogs, including Maltese’s can sense feelings.  For example your Maltese may pick up when you are scared.  And a means to protect you they may start acting out aggressively.  In certain situations this would be okay – such as if a robber was in your house.  However, if you were only walking down the street then it wouldn’t be such a great thing.

Remember, Maltese aggression should not be tolerated.  It needs to be controlled before your Maltese ends up hurting somebody.  So take the above tips on Maltese aggression and put them into practice today.

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