Maltese Crate Training

Are you considering crate training your Maltese but are unsure where to start?  Well the following tips on Maltese crate training may help you get started. Maltese Crate Training

A number of people feel that Maltese crate training is cruel.  Well you will be happy to learn that crate training your Maltese is not cruel at all.  In fact, your Maltese will probably end up really enjoying their crate.  This is because in the wild dogs look for small havens where they can escape, sleep and feel safe.  Therefore, it’s in your Maltese nature to see a similar place.  A crate can be that place – as it provides your Maltese with a place of their very own where they can feel safe, happy and content. 

Now, let’s move on to some great Maltese crate training tips:

  • Begin crate training early
    It’s much easier to crate train a Maltese puppy, than it is to crate train a fully-grown Maltese.  Therefore, it’s best to start Maltese crate training from as early as possible – ideally from the moment your new Maltese puppy enters your home.
  • Crate size
    One of the first things you need to do, in regards to Maltese crate training, is to purchase the crate.  When doing this, you need to make sure it is the perfect size.  If the crate is too big then your Maltese may go to the toilet while inside.  As a guide, the crate should be big enough so that your Maltese can turn around comfortably, but no so big that they can wander around inside.
  • Crate location
    When first starting out Maltese crate training, it’s a good idea to house the crate in an area where there are lots of people around.  For instance, your living room could be a good spot.  By doing this your Maltese will still be able to hear what’s going on around them which will make them feel safe while inside the crate.  To begin with, it’s also a good idea to move the crate into your bedroom at night.  Once your Maltese is used to their crate, you will be able to leave it in the one location without having to move it into your bedroom for the evenings.
  • Making the crate comfortable
    You need to make the inside of the crate as comfortable as possible for your Maltese.  To do this, you should include a nice mattress and blankets plus some of their favorite toys.  By doing this your Maltese will enjoy being in the crate a lot more.
  • Whining while inside the crate
    In the beginning, your Maltese may whine while inside the crate.  If this happens it is vital that you don’t take them out of the crate to comfort them.  If you do this, then your Maltese will just think that if they whine inside the crate then they will be let and given cuddles.  Instead, wait until your Maltese has been quite in their crate for around five minutes.  Once this time is up you can remove your Maltese from the crate.  At this point you can then reward them with cuddles and praise.  This will teach your Maltese that being quiet inside the crate equals rewards.
  • Length of time inside the crate
    As a guide, two hours should be the maximum amount of time you leave your Maltese in the crate when first starting out Maltese crate training.  As your Maltese gets used to their crate, then you can leave them in for longer periods of time and eventually for a full night.

Maltese crate training isn’t hard, but it will require patience and persistence on your part.  However, your time and effort will be worth it when you have a Maltese who absolutely loves their crate!  So what are you waiting for?  Start crate training your Maltese today!

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