Maltese Dog Training Tips

Have you adopted a new Maltese as part of your family?  Well the next step is training your new addition.  So keep on reading for some great Maltese dog training tips!

Key Training Tips

Maltese Dog Training TipsThe following are some fantastic Maltese dog training tips that you may find quite useful:

  • One of the vital things you must remember when training your Maltese is consistency.  Without consistency your Maltese could get confused and as a result this could jeopardize your training.
  • The second thing note is repetition.  Remember, your Maltese will not pick up everything straight away and you will need to repeat things over and over again.  If you do this then overtime they will stick in your Maltese’s mind.
  • Patience is a must when training your Maltese.  Remember, your Maltese will not understand what humans are saying.  Instead they will rely on things such as the way you move your body and the sound of your voice.  So don’t forget this when training your Maltese and try to remain as patient as you can.  Your hard work and time will be worth it in the end.
  • Maltese’s strive on encouragement.  Therefore use lots of rewards when your Maltese does a training exercise correctly.
  • An important Maltese training tip to remember is to never bully or punish your Maltese if they do something incorrectly.  This will just make your Maltese anxious and will prolong your training.  So instead be firm yet calm, but never bully.

As you can see from the above Maltese dog training tips, they are not too difficult to follow.  So make sure you put these into practice when training your new Maltese.

Basic Training for your Maltese

One of the best Maltese dog training tips to remember is this: start with the basics.  So keep reading, as the following are just some of the basic things you should begin with when training your Maltese.

  • The first basic command you should teach is “sit”.  The best way to teach this is by saying the command “sit” while holding a little treat just above your standing Maltese’s head.  Slowly move your hand back towards your Maltese’s tail.  By doing this your Maltese should automatically sit down.  Repeat this numerous times until your Maltese sits automatically upon command.
  • The second basic command to teach your Maltese should be “stay”.  However, you can only start teaching this to your Maltese once they have fully understood how to “sit”.  To get your Maltese to “stay” you firstly need to ask them to “sit”.  Once they are sitting walk a couple of steps away and hold up your hand in a stop position and say “stay”.  Reward them for staying with a little treat or cuddle.  As your Maltese gets better at this command you can slowly start to increase the time they sit and also the distance you walk away.  However, remember to be patience as it may time some time for your Maltese to fully learn this command.

Maltese Obedience Classes

Even with the above Maltese dog training tips, you may still find the training process a little bit overwhelming.  If this is the case then you could always look into signing your Maltese up to a dog obedience class.  Read on below for more information:

  • It’s really important that you pick out the right class for you and your Maltese to join.  Each class will have different techniques and ideas on dog training.  So do your research before you join up.
  • It’s best to avoid classes that promote using force or bullying as a means to train dogs.
  • Remember, obedience classes are just the beginning.  Your trainers will also expect you to keep the training going at home – just like homework!

Training your Maltese can be a fun experience – for both you and you dog.  So take the above Maltese dog training tips and put them into practice today.  Before you know it you will have a well-trained and obedient Maltese on your hands!

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