Maltese Potty Training

Is it time to start Maltese potty training at your household?  Well then keep on reading as you may find the following tips rather handy!Maltese Potty Training

  • Patience is a must

    It’s important to note that your Maltese will not become potty trained overnight.  It fact, it may take some time.  Therefore, try to remain as patient as you can.  Just think; all your hard work will be worth it in the end!

  • Choose a potty spot

    One of the first steps of Maltese potty training is choosing a set area where your Maltese is to go potty.  For instance, you could pick an out of the way corner of your backyard.  Remember, this is the spot that you will take your Maltese to each time you want them to go potty – so pick carefully!

  • Set a schedule

    It’s a good idea to set up a ‘potty’ schedule for your Maltese.  For example you should schedule to take your Maltese out to their set potty spot at least every two hours or after they wake from a nap or after they’ve eaten.  If you stick to this schedule then your Maltese should have fewer accidents indoors.

  • Leash

    To begin with, it’s a good idea to keep your Maltese on a leash when you take them to their set potty spot.  This will help prevent your Maltese from getting distracted and they’ll be able to fully concentrate on the task at hand – i.e. going potty!  When your Maltese starts to understand what’s going on, then you can stop using the leash.

  • Rewards

    When your Maltese does go potty correctly then it’s a good idea to give them a little reward.  Rewards can be anything from a nice cuddle to a little treat.  This will help encourage your Maltese to repeat their good potty behavior again in the future.

  • Accidents

    When Maltese potty training, there are bound to be some accidents on your nice clean floors.  If this happens it is vital that you stay calm.  Whatever you do, do not get angry and yell at your Maltese.  You must also never, ever hit your pet.  Doing either of these things will just frighten your Maltese making them anxious and in turn it will jeopardize your potty training.  Instead, stay calm and quickly and quietly clean up the mess.  It’s also important that you remove any lingering odors so that your Maltese doesn’t try to go potty in the same location again.

  • Stay alert

    It is vital that you stay alert when Maltese potty training.  This means keeping an eye out for any sign that your Maltese may be about to go potty in the incorrect spot.  Such signs to look for include your Maltese sniffing the ground or if they start moving around in a circular motion.  If you notice any of these signs then quickly pick up your Maltese and take them to their set potty area.

Remember, Maltese potty training will take time.  However, if you persevere and are patient then your hard work will be well worth it – as you will end up with a Maltese who knows exactly where to potty!  Plus, as an added bonus – your floors should stay nice and clean!

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