Maltese Training

Check out these top tips on training a Maltese!Maltese Training

  • Remember, your Maltese will not become fully trained overnight.  Instead, it will take time and patience on your part.  So try to remember this and remain patient throughout the entire Maltese training process.  Your hard work and perseverance will be worth it in the end!
  • Your Maltese will view your family as their new ‘pack’.  Within this pack they will look for an alpha leader, which ideally should be you (their main trainer).  If you do not fulfill this role yourself, then your Maltese may try to become the alpha leader instead.  If this happens then your Maltese’s behavior may deteriorate and they will be a lot harder to train.  Therefore, to prevent this from occurring, it’s vital that you become the alpha leader of your ‘pack’ from as early on as possible.  The ideal way to become this alpha leader is by doing everything before your Maltese.  For example, always eat your food before your Maltese eats and always make sure you walk through doorways before your Maltese.  Once your Maltese finally see’s you as their alpha leader then they will be a lot more likely to respect you and more likely to listen to you during the training process.
  • You may be tempted to teach your Maltese some exciting things such as going through tunnels or rolling over.  However, it’s best not to teach your Maltese complicated things like this until they have firstly mastered something a little simpler.  For example, you would be better off to start off with the basic commands “down”, “sit” and “stay”.  Once your Maltese has mastered these, you can then teach them something a little more complicated.
  • You will need to repeat things numerous times when Maltese training, before your pet will fully understand what they need to do.  For example, you will need to repeat the basic commands over and over again before your Maltese will be able to complete the task automatically.
  • Every time your Maltese completes a training task completely reward them with praise, cuddles or even a treat.  This will encourage your Maltese to repeat the task correctly again the next time.
  • You may come across a time where your Maltese will misbehave during training.  If this occurs it is vital that you do not hit your Maltese or yell at them as a form of punishment.  Doing this will only scare your Maltese and it may even make them anxious.  And an anxious Maltese will be a lot harder to train than a calm Maltese.  Therefore, if you do need to tell your Maltese off for any reason then do so calmly by saying “no” in a firm yet composed voice.
  • It’s important to stay consistent throughout the entire Maltese training process.  For instance you may decide to use the phrase “sit” to instruct your Maltese to sit down.  Now, it is so important you stick with this chosen phrase.  If you change it at any point then you will only confuse your Maltese.  So remember this and try to remain consistent at all times.
  • Finally, you cannot forget to have fun when Maltese training.  Yes, training may seem like a long and daunting task.  However it doesn’t have to be!  Instead it can be a fun experience for both you and your Maltese.  Plus as an added bonus it can be an excellent way to enhance the bond between you and your Maltese.

There you have it – some top tips on Maltese training.  So what are you waiting for?  Start training your Maltese today!

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