Training a Maltese

Are you looking for some top tips on training a Maltese?  Well keep on reading, as the below information may be just what you’re looking for!

Training a MalteseDon’t forget to have fun

Training a Maltese should not be seen as a chore.  Instead it should be seen as a chance to have fun with your Maltese and to also bond with them.  If you start off with this ‘fun’ mindset then it will make the training process a lot easier.

Try to remain patient

Your Maltese will not learn everything straight away.  Instead it will take some time.  So try and remember this and remain as patient as you can when training a Maltese.  Just think of what you’re working towards to get you through, which is having a well-trained and obedient Maltese as your companion.

Prove your alpha leadership

Before you being training a Maltese, you firstly need to establish your alpha leadership position.  This means showing your Maltese that you are the leader of your family (or pack in dog terms).  Once your Maltese see’s you in this role then they will be a lot more likely to respect you and a lot more likely to listen to you during training.  The best way to prove your alpha leadership position to your Maltese is by doing everything before them.  For example:

  • Always eat your own food before feeding your Maltese.
  • Always walk through a doorway before your Maltese.

It’s important to note that if you do not become the alpha leader of your family (or pack), then your Maltese may try and take over this role themselves.  If this occurs, then it might cause your Maltese to misbehave and it may also make them harder to train.  Therefore, to prevent this from occurring, it’s vital that you establish your alpha leadership position the moment your Maltese enters your home.

Start with the basics

Owning a new Maltese is exciting and you may be tempted to teach them lots of fun new things such as going through tunnels or rolling over.  However, it’s best to slow down and start with the basics when training a Maltese.  For instance, begin with something simple such as the basic commands “sit”, “down” and “stay”.  Once your Maltese has completely learnt these commands, you can then move onto something a little harder.

Rewarding your Maltese

A great way to encourage your Maltese during training is to reward them when they complete a task correctly.  For instance, you could give your Maltese a reward when they complete one of the basic commands properly.  This will encourage your Maltese to repeat their good behavior again in the future.

There are many things you can use as rewards including:

  • Small dog treats
  • Cuddles or affection
  • Praise

Punishing your Maltese

Your Maltese, on occasion, may play up or do something incorrectly during training.  Whatever you do, you must never use hitting or yelling as a means to punish your Maltese for this naughty behavior.  Using these methods will only scare your Maltese causing them to become anxious, which in turn may jeopardize your training.  Instead, try to remain calm when your Maltese misbehaves.  If they do require a telling off then do so by saying “no” in a firm yet calm tone.

Repeat everything

Training a Maltese requires a lot of repetition.  For instance, you will need to repeat the basic commands “sit”, “down” and “stay” numerous times before your Maltese will fully realize what they need to do.  So remember to repeat as much as possible.

Remember, training a Maltese will take time and patience on your part.  However, all your perseverance and hard work will be worth it when you end up with an obedient and well-trained Maltese.   So don’t delay – start training a Maltese today!

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